New and Existing Homes

AquaTrip can be hard wired into a new building on construction and seamlessly integrated into the electrical and plumbing system. AquaTrip can also be easily added to any existing building as an aftermarket installation thereby raising its sustainability rating.

Holiday Homes

AquaTrip will monitor and safeguard the water supply during periods of extended absence. Unoccupied Buildings are at high risk from burst pipes or leaks which can go unchecked for long time periods causing large scale, costly damage.

Rental Properties

AquaTrip assists careless tenants to be more waterwise and reduces the likelihood of taps left running or negligent water wastage. This type of event often ends up as an added cost to the landlord, with possible property damage as a result.

Commercial Buildings, Industrial Units and Offices

Leaking toilet cisterns, urinals, and taps left running are major causes of water wastage in large office buildings. AquaTrip has special programmable features to detect leaks and wastage in areas of very high water usage, without inconveniencing users or interfering with normal water usage.

Schools, Universities, Public Buildings and Institutions

Buildings with high levels of public use are often areas of major water wastage and consumption, often through lack of awareness, neglect or vandalism. AquaTrip will detect leaks and wastage without inconveniencing users, and alert Maintenance staff who can act to repair leaks and plumbing problems as they appear.

Farms and Agricultural Holdings

AquaTrip will detect burst pipes and leaks and faulty valves in remotely located Taps, Cattle Troughs, Irrigation Piping and Storage Tanks. Useful in drought stricken areas where tank water is expensive and difficult to replace.

Public Parks, Golf Courses and Camp Grounds

Taps and Amenities are often left unattended and unsupervised for long periods. High levels of public use and vandalism can mean a leak or broken tap can go undetected for weeks before it is discovered.

Rainwater Tanks and Water Storage Facilities

Rural properties on tank water can minimise losing their water storage to a leak, a burst pipe, a tap left on or an appliance leaking water unknowingly. For tank water supplied by pressure pump, by protecting the tank from a total water loss situation, the AquaTrip can prevent the pump running dry and burning out.