Saves Water: AquaTrip will detect water lost to leaks and burst pipes, reducing water wastage and minimising property damage. You can take control of your water supply.


By saving water you will save money, both for yourself and your community, who ultimately have to pay for the facilities to provide this limited natural resource.


By detecting water leaks and wastage and thus minimising your water consumption you will reduce upstream water storage and purification infrastructure and thus reduce CO² emissions.


By using only the water you actually need, you will minimise your environmental foot print, and help create a pattern of sustainable use for generations to come.

AquaTrip is a revolutionary patented intelligent Leak Detector with an inbuilt Trip Switch to protect your water supply by automatically detecting leaks and burst pipes as they appear, and shuts off the water to minimise waste and damage.

Proudly designed in Queensland Australia, AquaTrip monitors the flow of water into your property, and will shut off the water automatically in the event of a tap left running, a burst pipe, or if a tap, fitting, pipe, toilet, cistern or appliance is leaking. This will save water, reduce wastage, minimise property damage and reduce energy requirements of upstream water supply facilities.

AquaTrip can then easily turn the water back on so the leak or burst pipe can be located and repaired. You are always in full control of your water supply.

AquaTrip models which use a slimline control panel information display,* can connect to your water meter and display your actual water consumption and its cost. This provides valuable information which will also allow you to limit your consumption by setting targets if required.

The control panel allows you to turn off your water supply at the touch of a button, should you need to do plumbing maintenance like changing a tap washer.

There is a holiday or Home/Away mode which can be manually or automatically set to operate when you leave your house. This isolates the water supply during those periods when you are away from home, giving you peace of mind in case of a burst pipe or leak.

The system is programmable to cater for your individual building or property requirements, to maximise protection and to make sure it has no noticeable impact on your daily water use. AquaTrip quietly protects you in the background, and under normal use, you will never know its there!!!