Q: How did the idea for AquaTrip come about?

AquaTrip was invented by an Electronics Design Engineer whose bathroom was ruined by a small unknown leak in a pipe fitting in the bathroom cavity wall. The leak occurred over a period of weeks, but only became evident after the wall had become sodden with water and the tiles began to loosen off the wall.

Closer inspection revealed the moisture had seeped into the vanity unit and the bath surround. The whole bathroom had to be gutted and rebuilt at great expense. The inventor decided to come up with a system which could give the property owners/managers an early warning if a leak or burst pipe occurred.

Q: Is it a new concept?

A search was conducted to find a product to prevent a similar event occurring again, but the inventor could not find anything suitable. In response, he set about devising a system to detect leaks and isolate the water supply before too much damage could be caused. The AquaTrip concept was born.

After testing the concept with multiple prototypes, it was decided to apply for a patent to protect the invention. A patent was applied for in 2005 and after examination an International PCT application was granted in 2006. The patent was subsequently approved and registered in Australia and has been published and is awaiting registration in the USA and in the EU.

Q: Has there been Government support for the project?

AquaTrip were given a $64,000 grant by the Federal Government Department of Industry in 2006 under the COMET Innovation Program. (Commercializing Emerging Technology) to develop the product and contribute to business planning and assessment, and intellectual property registration and protection.

In 2007 AquaTrip were awarded grant funding of $173,000 from the Queensland Government Department of Environment under the Sustainable Energy Innovation Fund to further optimize the design and product specification, assist in the development of the appropriate toolings and conduct extensive field trials.

Q: Where is it supposed to be fitted?

The AquaTrip works best, the closer you fit it to your water meter (Preferably, directly after the water meter). This way, you protect the piping and plumbing to the entire property. However, it does not have to be fitted directly after the water meter, and can be fitted anywhere on the incoming supply to your property. Just remember though, that all the plumbing connected prior to the AquaTrip will not be protected against leaks.....

Q: How does it take into account different water consumption environments?

Aquatrip can be programmed to suit almost any type of building or environment. There are a variety of models which have different features, these features can be programmed individually to suit the individual property’s water usage. Some AquaTrip models use intelligent monitoring to self select their leak detection modes. If you need assistance, please contact our Technical Helpline or email us with your query.

Q: Are they expensive?

AquaTrip systems are available for as little as $150 plus installation.

Q: Are they easy to operate?

Once the Aquatrip is initially set up by the installing plumber, there is almost no adjustment required, and most functions are controlled using a single button on the Control Valve assembly, or via the in house Control Panel. Unless it detects a problem, you will never know it is there.

Q: Will it affect how I use water?

You will never know it is there unless it detects a leak. Under normal daily water use, It has no noticeable impact on your daily water use.

Q: Will it save me money?

Over time, it will definitely save you money. Rising water costs mean that you want to be sure that you are never wasting water unknowingly. If you do develop a leak or have a pipe split, or leave a tap running, or a have the nozzle come off the hose, AquaTrip will be there to minimize the waste and the potential property damage. Many small unnoticed leaks thought to be inconsequential, when added up cost surprisingly large amounts. (see The Cost of Leaks)

Q: What maintenance will it need?

Aquatrips are largely maintenance free. Battery powered systems will need a battery change every 12 to 24 months. There is also a mesh filter which prevents debris entering the system which may occasionally need cleaning/replacing, (usually only if the Aquatrip is operating on an unfiltered water supply). An annual system check is recommended to check the system is functioning correctly. This will take less than a minute.

Q: How do I re-program my AquaTrip to better suit my personal requirements?

Please refer to your Owners Manual for advice on how to program your unit. If you do not have a manual, please contact us and we will post or email you a replacement manual. Alternatively you can call our Technical Support helpline shown on the 'Contact Us' page